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Miniature Zebu Cattle

~Sunnyfield Farm~

Mature Miniature Zebu Cows

Michael and Dee



Feeding the mature Zebu cows!

A bull, A horse, and A donkey

Only on Sunnyfield Farm


Little Tommy feeding our mature cows: Emily and Isabella

Anthony  & Aggie on a hot summer day just Chillin!


          Welcome to Sunnyfield Farms' Registered Miniature Zebu Cattle imprinted at birth with the human touch! Here on Sunnyfield Farm we specialize in Foundation Pure Miniature Zebu Cattle and cross some of the best lines out there. All of our cattle are registered and come from phenomenal lines. We breed for quality cattle that will improve the breed through color, size, disposition, and most importantly conformation. Come and check them out our gates are always open.

          We love this breed of cattle and have devoted ourselves to preserving the world's smallest breed of natural miniature cattle. Sunnyfield Farm breeds for quality Miniature Zebu Cattle not quantity. Over the years we have hand picked Zebu cattle that we feel will produce top quality progeny. We will only have about 20 Zebu calves born each year. This allows us to concentrate on our cows and pairings unlike big breeders. Our Zebu's are our pets and each cow holds a special place in our hearts.

                    Do you "Got Sunnyfield Farm Zebu?"

Sunnyfield Farms' Miniature Zebu Bull's

~We love our three "boys" and believe they are the best guys on the East Coast. We couldn't ask for three better bulls!~


Sunnyfield's Dynamite aka Baxter is double registered Miniature Zebu Bull  who was born and raised here on Sunnyfield Farm. Baxter was one of our bottle raised calves in 2010, and in return he is just a love bug!! He has such a wonderful personality, horn set, topline, and carries himself well. His sire is a Permanent Grand Champion Senior Show Bull and his dam is HCK Rubyana (pictured below). He is about 35 inches tall at 7 years of age.

Sunnyfield's Bojangles aka Bo is a double registered Miniature Zebu bull who was born and raised here on Sunnyfield Farm.  Bo was one of our bottle raised calves in 2014 and in return has a wonderful personality. He is out of LLL Bobby Twist and Libby.

PFK Lil Devil aka Conrad is a 2011 Miniature Zebu Bull who measures a mere  30.5 inches. Conrad is double registered and foundation pure. He has produced some exceptional progeny that truly exhibit what the Zebu breed represents. For his small statue, Conrad does not sacrifice hump quality or proportion. We have retained several of his heifers who will be great assets to our herd.

Sunnyfield's Lil Constellation aka "Oreo" is a 2016 Zebu Bull calf. We believe he is the first full belted AMZA Foundation Zebu calf. He was sired by our previous black and white bull "Bobby Twist". Oreo will be breeding a select group at the end of 2017/early 2018.

Sunnyfield Farm Presents Our "Mature Miniature Zebu Breeding Cows" aka the "Divas"  our oldest girl is 20 years of age!     


           Sunnyfield's Miss America 32 inches. Her sire was a show bull and was featured on Animal Planet!             


Sunnyfields Holly Time  35" Her dam is Sunnyfield's Lil Miss Emily and her granddam is Rosalita. Her sire was our past show bull and he was featured on Animal Planet!


       Sunnyfield's Marsha C.O.W 33 inches


     Sunnyfield's Annie E 35 inches. Her sire was a former show bull


              Sunnyfield's Lil Miss Emily 36 inches. Her sire is a Permanent Grand Champion Show bull

Sunnyfield's Sweet Dynamite 32 inches tall. Her father is Sunnyfield's Dynamite so she is a second generation Sunnyfield Farm bottle baby. Her grandsire is a Permanent Grand Champion Show Bull. We retained her 2016 heifer calf shown on the page.


Sunnyfield's April Showers is a second generation Sunnyfield Farm girl. Her momma is Sunnyfield's Lil Miss Emily

Sunnyfield's Polka Dot is out of our 1998 cow and Bobby Twist

Sunnyfield's Lil Lizabeth is a second generation farm gal. Her sire is Sunnyfield's Dynamite

Sunnyfield's Black Pearl is a gorgeous black with minimal white painted Zebu. She is out of Cashew and Bobby

Sunnyfield's Sugar is a gorgeous gal that we raised

Sunnyfield's Sweet Rose is a THIRD generation Sunnyfield Farm gal! Her mother is Sunnyfield's Sweet Dynamite and her grandsire is Sunnyfield's Dynamite. Her great-great grandsire is a Permanent Grand Champion show bull!

Sunnyfield's Lolli Pop is a January 2017 heifer calf who we adore. She is a second generation Sunnyfield Farm girl.

Herndons Miss Isabella 31 inches. She was shown in her younger days   


               Bunny 34 inches


 HCK Rosalita 37 inches

   HCK Rubyana 35 inches  

Watkin SFF Red Hot aka Goldie 30 inches tall born in 2014


    Sadlers Miss Sweets 34 inches


Oak Hollow Elle Mae 33 inches  


SP Touch Of Red 37 inches


            Triple C Cindy Lou 34 inches  


Triple C Lilly Ann 30 inches


             Oak Hollow Libby 32 inches. Libby is a "big" pet and she is our calf baby sitter. 


River Ranch Cookie 34 inches             


Sunny Acres Cashew 38 inches

Starlands Jill 34 "

                                   Tonya 34"

Deana 35"


Cappers 34"

 Lavendars Katie is a double registered Miniature Zebu cow who was born in 1998. She is a direct granddaughter of the first Red Zebu imported into the United States. She has contributed to the Zebu world immensely and has produced exceptional progeny throughout her years. She has been an excellent cow for us and we thoroughly enjoy this old gal!

 Herndons Miss Elaine 31 inches


Sunnyfield's Lil Delight


Sunnyfield's Josie Girl


Sunnyfield's Lil Debbie


Sunnyfield's Twist of Red aka Aggy. Shown as a calf to her mature color. She loves to take naps!

Sunnyfield's Lil Superstitious


Thank you for looking at our select herd of Miniature Zebu Cattle! Any questions please call or email: 

 Tom & Jo Mariannino

345 Newcomb Bridge Rd

Chase City, VA





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