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 Miniature Donkeys

           Donkeys are very much herd animals. They will bond with other equines, and other animals such as sheep, goats, and cattle. Donkeys have more of the gregarious, loving nature of a dog than the manner of a horse.  They want to be close to your side, soaking up all the attention possible.  They're also very smart and learn things easily - and they don't forget what they've learned.  If they trust you and understand what you're trying to have them do, they'll usually try to accommodate and please you. 

        Above all - they need to know they can trust and depend on you - their caretaker. Mini-Donkeys love you the minute you touch them, after they are born. Once you have made that contact, they are instantly bonded, always eager to please and always happy to see you. They crave human attention, and are friendly to all who come in contact with them. They have the best personality of any animal we have ever come to meet. They are Loyal, Protective and Territorial, much like a dog is. 






Blankeys 2023 Jack Foal

Molly's 2023 Jennet Foal



Sally's 2023 Jet Black Jack Foal






  Some of the herd!







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