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 ** 2017 we are celebrating our 57 years  **   

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Randall Cattle



Miniature Zebu Cattle     (Sunnyfield Farm)

We offer some of the nicest Miniature Zebu Cattle around. We work daily with our animals as they are truly a joy to be around. Pictured is our "Isabella" a 6 year old cow.


                   Hello from Sunnyfield Farm. We are Tom and Jo Mariannino from Chase City, Virginia. Our farm consists of 225 acres and we raise Miniature Donkey's, Angus Beef Cattle & Randall Cattle but we specialize in registered Miniature Zebu Cattle. We fell in love with the Miniature Zebu breed and made it our personal goal to raise small, healthy animals, that exhibit a good conformation along with excellent temperament and disposition.  We bottle raise our Zebu calves, so that means we imprint them with the human touch! They receive constant attention and interaction from my wife and I, and are treated like the special little pets they are. We love visitors and encourage you to come check us out. Although, we must warn you, you will not want to leave without one. 

          Sunnyfield Farm raises quality Miniature Zebu Cattle with great color and dispositions. Our cattle have to be seen to be appreciated!  All of the Zebus on our property are raised with personal experience, been gently handled and trained with love. We offer foundation pure stock, double registered stock, show quality, and your next pet!

 **Please Enjoy yourself. This site is for you!**           
Questions? Please feel free to call or email anytime.

     Our Goal is to raise the Best Quality animals and to keep you our customer pleased, because if you are satisfied then we did our job.

                        Contact: Tom & Jo Mariannino

345 Newcomb Bridge Rd

Chase City, VA. 23924





2009 - 2016

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We are proud and  pleased to announce that  3 of Sunnyfield Farms bottle babies were

 chosen  to start  the  1st registered zebu herd in Costa Rica

Thank You David & Dawn









All content is the property of  Sunnyfield Farm



Hello From Sunnyfield Farm And All Our Little Critters

Here is Sunnyfield's Touch Of Design  who is one of our 2013 Zebu calves posing for the camera on a photo-shoot. Can Sunnyfield Farms Zebus get any friendlier??"  Courtesy Of TTTF

Jo & Bunny a 2010 heifer


Pictured above: LLL Bobby Twist, Tater and Aldo

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Anthony & Aggie just Chillin' on a hot summer day

Sunnyfields Holly time


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